I have done several additions to my 1995 Mustang since I first got it back in October of 1994. Below is a list of the changes and some comments on it. I am basically just a beginner garage tinkerer, with little-to-no real mechanical training. However, with the exception of the rear spoiler, I was able to do everything on my list in less than an hour.


I felt my Mustang looked rather naked without a rear spoiler on the back end. I first looked into ordering the rear spoiler accessory from the Ford dealer's parts department. However, it wasn't styled exactly like the spoiler on the GT. The most major difference was the additional, third, standoff leg in the middle. Therefore, I went a local "speed shop" and ordered through them, a true GT style spoiler. This "speed shop" also arranged for the spoiler to be painted to match my Mustang.

Installation was rather easy, though it did take up the better part of an hour to get up the courage to drill four holes into the truck lid on my new Mustang. Once the holes were drilled, putting in the four screws went rather easy. BTW, I did paint some primer into the new holes and added a bit of silicon sealant just to make sure I didn't give body rust an easy start.


I felt the Mustang looked rather strange with those blank black plastic plates set into the lower front bumper where a set of fog lights would be expected to shine. I thought about adding a set of aftermarket fog lights, but I really had my heart set of something with a true factory look (just as with the rear spoiler).

I read on the internet newsgroup for Mustangs, that all Mustangs are "maxed wired". After peeking around under and inside my Mustang, I found this to be very true. Matter of fact, my coupe had the wiring for the convertible top!

I could have order the parts below directly from Ford. However, I ended up buying all the Ford parts from a place called P.P.I. (see source references below). Unfortunately, the P.P.I. kit did not include fasteners nor instructions. Not having instructions weren't all that a big deal. It was kind-of obvious where everything went. As to fasteners, I have included a list of them which I purchased at a local Pep Boys.

DescriptionSourcePart Number
Lamp AssemblyFordF4ZZ-15200-A
Lamp AssemblyFordF4ZZ-15200-B
Switch - FogFordF4ZZ-15A214-A
1/4" 'U' NutPepBoys45818 (two pkgs)
5/16" 'U' NutPepBoys45414
1/4x1" Body BoltPepBoys45596 (two pkgs)
5/16x1"Body BoltPepBoys45590


I noticed at a local Mustang club's car show, the "SN95" GT and Cobra Mustangs had a brace between the two front strut towers. In checking with my Mustang, I noticed that I seemed to have all the holes for mounting a brace, and the holes were already tapped for bolts.

However, in looking very closely at the braces on the GT and the Cobra, it become obvious that it was very important to get one which cleared the various engine components successfully. Even though both the GT and the Cobra had 4.6l engines, their braces where shaped much differently.

I ended up ordering a Strut Tower Brace from P.P.I. (see source reference below). They were the first place I contacted which was sure that their brace design would fit on a V6 Mustang.

DescriptionSourcePart Number
Strut Tower BraceP.P.I.
M8-1.25x25, 24mmPepBoys45897 (8 pkgs)


It has always surprised me that with the really neat dual cockpit design on the SN95 Mustang dash, that the bezel around the instruments on the driver's side was not color matched to the interior, as the air bag door on the passenger's side is colored.

Again, in reading some postings in the internet newsgroup for Mustangs, there were a few mentions of fellow Mustang owners who painted their bezels, and reported a substantial improvement in looks. However, I am not into automotive painting, nor did I have a friend who worked at a local body shop whom I could get to do a little paint matching for me on the side.

In thinking about this for a while, I thought I would try my local Ford parts department. I asked them if Ford offered spray paint cans in colors which matched Ford's current interior colors. They looked into their parts book (actually, I think microfiche), and yes, Ford did!

With the can of spray paint from Ford, painting the black bezel was very easy and quick. Best of all, the color match is excellent.

DescriptionSourcePart Number
Spray Lacquer, Saddle InteriorFordM4J-4230-H


Continuing on the theme that Mustangs are "max wired", it is very easy to add the factory anti- theft alarm to a Mustang if you already have the factory remote entry system (those keychain bobs which allow you to lock and unlock the doors, etc).

In the trunk, located behind the black trim panel on the left (driver's) side, you will find an up-to-now empty plastic bracket and two unused large electrical connectors. Installing the anti-theft alarm is just a matter of plugging the two electrical connectors into the module, and slipping the module into the plastic bracket. BTW, with these two electrical connectors, you will notice a third smaller connector which initially contains a small plug with a single green wire which loops back into the same connector. This small plug needs to be removed and discarded (well, I actually saved mine). Otherwise, the starter cutout function of the anti-theft module will not work.

Just a warning, about 5 seconds after you plug the anti-theft module in, it will sound the alarm. Make sure you have your key bob remote very handy, and you are ready to quickly press the 'unlock' button.

DescriptionSourcePart Number
Anti-theft moduleFordF4TZ-19A366-A


I like the look of the Mustang with the grill. The MACH III concept car, from which the SN95 Mustang is loosely based, had a grill. Besides, without a grill in place, it is too easy for a passer-by to reach in and release the hood latch. This kind-of makes the security of the inside hood release worthless.

For 1994 and 1995 Mustangs, in addition to the grill, you will need a new hood latch. The new hood latch relocates the secondary latch release lever out of the way of the grill. It also has this lever in yellow, making it much easier to locate when needed.

I purchased a full kit from a place called Kar Kraft Engineering (see source reference below). They not only include all the Ford parts needed, but also all the fasteners and full instructions. Let me also add, that Kar Kraft offers a chrome version of the grill, but I wanted to stay with the 1996-like black color.

DescriptionSourcePart Number
1996 Black GrillFordF6ZB-8150-A
1996/97 Hood LatchFordF6ZZ-16700-A


I learned the hard way with my very first new car how easy it was to "sand blast" the paint off the bottom edges of the car without splash guards to help deflect away the road sand and debris. Therefore, I always put splash guards onto my new cars as soon as I get them home.

The first Ford splash guards listed below were the ones I put on my car when I got it. These are what Ford calls their "Premium" style. Then, some time later, I saw an SN95 Mustang on the road with these wonderful splash guards molded to the shape and contours of the Mustang. After much searching and finding nothing, it turned out that they were also from Ford. The second and third splash guards listed below are these.

Oh, let me add, and warn, that Ford changed the design of the front most section of the lower-body ground effects spoiler (I think that is what it is called). The Molded Splash Guard for the front listed below will only fit SN95 Mustangs built before 11/1/94. I don't know for sure, but I would guess that by now Ford has released an updated guard for Mustangs built after that date.

DescriptionSourcePart Number
Premium Splash GuardsFordF4ZZ-16A550-A
Molded S.G., FrontFordF5ZZ-16A550-A
Molded S.G., RearFordF5ZZ-16A550-B


P.P.I. (Performance Parts, Inc.)
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FAX: (703) 742-6208

Kar Kraft Engineering
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FAX: (313) 421-7605

Parr Ford (Offers discount and free shipping on orders placed through their web page).
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